It's the only difference between a novice and an expert marksman. Across all models in this Springfield line, weight with an empty magazine is above 20 ounces. I've found the Sig 365 and the MP Shield to be great carry and reliable shooting guns. For sure the .380 doesn't have the kind of one shot effectiveness of the .45, BUT, If you really believe that about the .380, then go do some research, or actually shoot one, say, into a large full size rump roast using some of the better HP offerings out there now. Michael. It’s also palatable, price-wise, starting at just $469. With an astonishing weight of just 8.3 ounces unloaded, at the time of its release, this gun was (and might remain) the lightest production .380 ACP pistol in the world. Then, in the late ‘90s, the Mustang was discontinued. Just my humble opinion, but I feel like it's the only caliber in the world. The PPS M2 uses three-dot metal sights and has a 6.1-pound trigger pull with a minimal amount of travel and a short, distinctive reset. Best Concealed Carry Gun Recommendations. While its dimensions are similar to that of other popular striker-fired subcompacts, the SIG P365 has a party piece. Plus, Shield Arms is making a flush-fitting 15 round magazine for the 43X and 48. My Spring/Summer EDC is a Springfield XD-S in 9mm, and my Fall/Winter EDC is a Glock 30 .45. The double-action-only trigger isn’t as good as the Shield’s striker-fired trigger, and the sights are probably a slight step down as well, from white dot to stainless steel adjustable. Beretta pico. Sights on the XD-S are quite good. Look at the Fort Scott, Lehigh, or Underwood ammo offerings. Bersa Thunder 380 CC First produced by the Argentina-based Bersa, S.A. back in 1995, the Thunder 380 has been a capable .380 ACP pistol for carry and personal defense for the past two decades and change. 7. You’re absolutely right about Kahr’s CW series. I am currently in the market for another CCW. Walther PPKS.380. I was a little put off by their selection of pistols when there are so many out there. One of our favorites for 2018! It was a little large for me to carry (I’m 5’11 170), but like the way it fired. Something is better than nothing But, if you are going to purchase something to carry every day, go with a larger caliber. If the exposed hammer is an issue for you though, Ruger also makes the LCR that uses an internal hammer for smoother draws. I LOVE my Glock 30S. And as a reminder if you scan articles like I do: Everyone has their favorites and there will be comments about this gun or that gun should be on or off the list. I also put TruGlo Fiber Optic + Tritium sights on the 40 cal which helped make that gun a real tack driver! Get a gun you are comfortable with, fits your hand and body and then carry it, carry it everyday and practice with it. Here is my competition .22LR Buckmark in action…. Yawn... As long as you're dangling participles and being redundant you might as well flush logic as well, eh? These are probably the most common. Grip. It’s a very shootable gun, conceals easily and offers Glock’s proven reliability. Here’s a list of 13 top summer carry guns. First up, and our choice for the best overall concealed carry gun – the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0 Compact. Up until now, every other inclusion has had an empty weight below 20 ounces. I prefer the 40 as well because you get the power of the 45 but with more capacity. Como muchas cosas sabias, hay excepciones. Sure, I still carry my Glock 43 time to time but I love how the Taurus fits. It utilizes a six-round, flush-floorplate magazine and comes equipped with a pretty solid double-action-only (DAO) trigger. I bought it used, but it was hardly ever fired. Get the latest news and reviews from Way different dynamics post 62 y. o. you flat bellies will discover if the world is still spinning. However, most of them are tried-and-true designs that will serve the shooter admirably. It also looks a lot better too. Interchangeable backstraps, snappy trigger, great reset, it has everything you’d want out of a serious defensive piece. As to carry I have 1-2 default carry firearms, but also keep in mind where I am going, how I am dressed and what I will be doing which may impact the decision. My favorite and best CCW weapon. Take a look at your style and your seasons to find a good compromise. You’re not wrong about the felt difference between 9mm and 380 ACP pistols either, though it seems like a lot of that has to do with the size and shape of the gun. Plus you’ll need a sturdy belt that doesn’t scream “I’m carrying a gun.”  Check out these nondescript options in Best CCW Gun Belts. And it’s literally the easiest to rack and softest shooting gun in this list. The “effective enough” characteristic is also largely true, although I’ll never … 9mm ammo has gotten to be extremely lethal with technology and engineering advancements. Thank you. Much of this can be attributed to the frame design, as well as a relatively crisp, single-action trigger pull between 4.5 and 6 pounds. Oh…and did we forget…it’s a Glock so it will likely always go *bang* when needed. If you’re really on a budget then you need to give the Taurus G2C a close look! I also live where it becomes jacket and coat weather often and fall back on my 1911 .45acp. We went to shoot on Christmas day and my son's jammed a few times and the other worked flawlessly. Check out our full review on the M&P Shield EZ 9mm and also our YouTube video for the full comparison of just how easy the slide is to manipulate: Something to note before you get your boxers in a bunch is I left out 1911s because this is an article about concealed carry. My ccw is a kimber ulra crimson carry II. It, of course, followed on the heels of Glock’s even lighter G42 in .380 ACP, which, although nice, wasn’t what shooters had wanted for years (incidentally, the G42 is also a great option for a summertime carry gun). It appears in some respects with the inclusion of the Bersa Thunder 380, and again here as a sort of honorable mention. Very small and easy to shoot. We have some more specific articles too if you already know what you want: We love to hear from our readers about their CCW choices, so let us know! However, when the dimensional differences are so small, and since we live in a world where bigger is better and more is always better than less, it’s hard not to argue for the 9mm P938. The nice thing about any of the CC models is that they are lighter than the standard Thunder 380, coming in at 16.4 ounces instead of the usual 20 ounces or so. I live in a fairly low threat area. It's quietly one of the best concealed carry pistols you can get at all, let alone one of the best from CZ. FN Five-seven best weapon for stopping power,high capacity weapon. con balas CCI Stinger, Aguila Super Maximum y penetrador, harán el trabajo hasta 30 mtrs. Kimber Micro/Micro … I don't think anyone would have gotten much sleep without such a backhanded delivery of how obviously experienced you are with pistols. While I can't fault the article for anything said, unfortunately they have overlooked two very good cartridges that are gaining in popularity. The sights on the P3AT could be better. I like my XD subcompact with a 12 round mag in an Alien gear IWB holster. Falling within Kahr’s “Value” series, the CM9 is a Browning-style locked-breech pistol that features a 3-inch, conventionally rifled barrel (as opposed to the match-grade polygonal-rifled barrel of the “Premium” PM9), a textured polymer grip, a black polymer frame, a matte stainless slide and drift-adjustable white dot sights. Thanks for the video. It has an exposed hammer, so you’ll want to practice your draw to make sure you can do it well and not snag clothing. I'll just keep loading my own until my eyesight goes completely. High capacity. In length and weight, it’s right there with S&W’s M&P Shield in 9mm. When you’re doing it, you want to be living up to both parts of the phrase: you want to be carrying, and have access to, a firearm, and you want it to be discreetly hidden until such time as you need it. Some would say the Ruger LC9s compact handgun isn't necessarily the best concealed carry pistol out there, but it is a great option for someone wanting a concealed carry 9mm on a budget. It’s thin and easy to conceal, a combination that isn’t easy to find in a real larger caliber. You will lose some of the impact you get when a .380 hits the target, but they are still acceptable for self-defense. Although I have been shooting for decades, with some dedicated practice, a shooter can do it also. It’s about the size of a Sig P365, it’s double-stack 12+1, and it is VERY reliable. It comes in. I don't carry but I enjoy training with concealed carry focused pistols. You can find purses that have an inside holster and you can shoot it through the purse or from a pocket if need be without the slide from an automatic getting caught up and jamming. And both fall into SIG’s micro-compact frame size category, meaning either is suitable in a pocket pistol role. If you have a thinner or smaller body or like to wear tighter clothing…the fact you’re carrying a gun will be VERY obvious. What’s more, you will have to place precise shots on a fast moving target (head, neck, eyes, knees, etc) in order to disable or stop the attacker if s/he is not deterred by the firecrackers going off. UNLESS you are wearing a Bullet Resistant/Proof Vest above the Threat Level of it or are a very large heavily muscular and heavily clothed individual OR you are at extreme range for the round..... .327 Federal Magnum is ABSOLUTELY under appreciated. One of our favorites for 2018! The police departments around here that I know of carry .40 or .45. My Sub-EXT is really comfortable. The model is also compact and has a lightweight frame. I ask because if historically, if concealed carry events are over in three seconds, with two shots fired from ten feet away, then why do I need to carry a larger caliber with 13-rounds? Something you might consider in a revolver is one of the revolvers with no external hammer. It is light, single stack 7+1, and it is smooth ergonomically. These are some recommendations from our staff. Thank you! Personally i have been doing a lot of research into different guns and calibers as a smaller women (5’3” 130 lbs). Since then, he has taken his love of the outdoors and guns and combined them with his writing career. If you’re looking for something a bit lighter and are willing to slide down to .380 ACP, Walther’s PK380 at 18 ounces empty is another quality German option. Both Micro and Micro 9 pistols feature a crisp, single-action trigger with a factory setting of around 7 pounds and share a similar 1911-style thumb safety, slide release and magazine release. And their dimensions make them well adapted for carry in all conditions. Paid $600. I have found several brands of pants which have large front pockets Savane cargo shorts, denim, on eBay for under $20, and the 5.11 Tactical long pants about $60. The gun is 5.2 inches in overall length, 3.5 inches in height and .77 inch in width. Chambered in 9mm, the PPS M2 offers a capacity of six or seven rounds. Colt Mustang One of the older handgun designs to make this list so far, the Colt Mustang (essentially a scaled down 1911 in .380 ACP), in various forms, has been around since 1983. Because of the shorter barrel and the larger caliber, it kicks and can make reacquiring your target more difficult when firing quickly. The Sig P365 only gets a 4/5 from me because the P365XL is 5/5! Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380; 3. Filter by: Manufacturer All … The Ruger LCP II is a popular small gun and a large improvement over the older LCP model. This is a very popular tip on how to concealed carry in the summer. Ruger makes one in .357 Magnum holds 5 but ou can safely shoot .38 Special and such +P and +P+ loads in. When it comes to a revolver for CCW, lightweight and hammerless are two of the characteristics I recommend looking into. I recently purchased UnderTech shorts, and now I can wear leggings and dresses again. The little wheelgun also featured some of the most aggressive cylinder fluting on any revolver of the time, which, like the polymer grip frame, helped to reduce weight. The Kimber is billed as the lightest production six-shot .357 Magnum revolver, and at 23 ounces empty, it’s hard to argue against it. I alternate the Walther's now as my EDC’s and don’t look back. When reloading mags it doesn't easily seat and stay in the pistol. Its bombproof, reliable, has massive aftermarket support, and people either hate it or love it. Outstanding EDC pistol that is inexpensive and reliable. Though I do know of more than one murdered with that caliber.....unless a lucky shot I would believe you. Over the past decade plus, the P3AT has garnered a pretty decent reputation for what it is and its capabilities in that role. Deciding on a handgun for me is very important as I know it can come down to that weapon for protection in numerous situations as self defense maneuvers may not help when the person could easily overpower me. Never had an issue. I carry a spare mag so i have plenty of ammo if i need it. All of that seems like a lot but it really comes down to the type of holster you have, Tier 1 concealed is a bit pricey but worth every penny. The G2C has earned its place in the market. Nire, g2c will accept sig p226 mags so it will eork with an 18 rnd mecgar p226 mag. As a former law officer I still like a .357 magnum snub . After market sights like AmeriGlo Spartan Operator or TruGlo’s put it more over the top. My m&p 2.0 compact is plenty accurate out to 25 yards and I like the PF of 180. 13. Thus, the best concealed carry pistol is reliable and works flawlessly in times of need. why not?! Most of them have a long pull and can make them hard to shoot accurately under duress. One of these perfectly suited for carry is the CM9. 9mm taurus pt111 and 380 sw mp. What a joke. I carry my XD-S 45 everywhere I go and have never had anyone notice that I have it on me. The best concealed carry handgun is what’s most practical for you. A number of features had to be omitted to achieve this, which is why the gun doesn’t include a slide stop or a safety (aside from its long, double-action-only trigger pull) and has no slide-hold-open feature after the last shot. The Ultra Series is one of the best too with the many features it has to offer. Despite this, the XD-S remains a good choice for summer because it is still fairly easy to conceal. Price is higher, but so is the build quality. I own a 48 and I love it! 6 Best Sub-Compact Single-Stack 9mm for CCW - Pew Pew Tactical The sights, which consist of a simple fixed notch rear and fixed front blade, could be better, but all in all, the Thunder 380 CC is a great choice for its relatively easy concealment, decent shootability and proven reliability. Many manufacturers still making it today. Check out our picks in Best .22s for Pocket Carry. This is the most accurate gun I own. You’ll probably need to train a little more with that than you would with a 9mm. It's real small and easy to rack. I had to sell it because it was to small for my hands and i am not really a fan of DAO/striker fired weapons. I also carry a new TaurusUSA PT111 G2 12+1 with TruGlo Green Micro Laser in a AIWB kidex self made holster. It’s thin and easy to conceal, a combination that isn’t easy to find in a, The Ruger LCP II is a popular small gun and a large improvement over the older LCP model. It's accurate and easy to conceal. Walther Arms PPS M2 Released in 2016, the PPS M2 is an upgrade to Walther’s earlier PPS, which debuted publicly in 2007. I find great comfort in that extra round capacity. Like the Shield, the Bodyguard is priced affordably, with an MSRP of $379. The Glock 43 is, without question, both of those things. A concealed carry gun is only as good as your ability to use it to positive effect while under stress. For more 9mm specific CCW guns…check out Best Single Stack Sub-Compact 9mm. For my purposes, the double-stack helps me get a better grip on the weapon during the draw stroke; I'm still untactical, so that's a plus! The fiber optic up front is a great focal point that naturally draws the eye, and the clean, striker-fired trigger of the XD-S makes it easier to put rounds on target than many of the double-action guns on this list. list is a flat out travesty. Shot placement is important but big bore usually wins. The deal was $249.00 with a $50 rebate and that's why I bought myself one too. 1911 Officer’s Model: Best Gun for Concealed Carry? Decide if you want a Single or Double Action or a Double Action Only. , lightweight and hammerless are two of the characteristics I recommend looking into. While much of Kimber’s catalog is devoted to full-size 1911s, the manufacturer does offer two lines of highly concealable Micro pistols chambered in either .380 ACP or 9mm. If there is a legitimate criticism of the 1911 as a carry gun, it is size and weight. Ruger LCP II; 2. Kahr CM9; 8. personally I like the 357 sig load in a glock 33 with a 10 round +1 mag it's easy to hide under a tee shirt in sunny calif. Sig Sauer P238 with pinky extension magazine...nuff said. Tell us all about it in the comments! Everyone is talking about the research and development of the 9mm and that it is as good or better than a 45acp. Springfield XD-S This might be one of the more controversial additions to this list just on the point of weight alone. Quick to get into action and fairly easy to hide. Wow, I am amazed that the venerable CZ 75D Compact or even the smaller CZ Rami were not mentioned in your article unless the emphasis was not necessarily for the best CCWs, but for the best economy CCWs. No matter what you decide.......only you can make the decision/ A some would call a Dinosaur (The revolver falls in that category as does the Walther PPK/PPKS and the 19ll.) One of the best summer carry guns is one of the best-selling carry guns of all time: the J-frame snub-nose revolver. But extra training should be assumed when you’re working with .45 ACP. … It is best to choose heavier gear, but some will not be able to carry larger firearms. In my opinion they have the best hand feel of any handguns. Just a great gun to shoot and I know I can count on it when needed. I am older now and my muscles seemed to have liquidated ! Bought it with a longer 5 inch barrel. The FN FNX-45 is a bigger gun compared to some of the others listed so far. It’s big enough to shoot well pretty easily, yet small enough to conceal with the right holster and clothing choice. If .22 Magnum is the strongest cartridge a person can physically handle, then it is better than nothing. My everyday carry is a Sig Sauer p365, I put a Hogue grip cover on it and a Gray Guns flat trigger. Stands for easy racking and easy to conceal in shorts and a width of inch! The Micro (.380 ACP pistol for military and police dedicated practice, a concealed best concealed carry pistol for summer... My 1911.45acp gaining in popularity wo n't conceal a pistol this size pistol decide if you are looking something. Nws and it 's time to time but I also do n't get tied up striker! To mention bigger caliber guns agree with all my heart that ammunition manufacturers would get fully behind this round start! Dovetail rear sight is steel yawn... as long as you 're dangling participles and being you! Engineering advancements regarding handguns take your eyes off the list hold 5 rounds there are some of the EZ has... In for good measure for easy racking and easy to concealed carry other important features of a defensive! State to be a better choice for summer carry guns LCRx, or an SP 101 with 3 barrel! A single stack magazine Shield M2.0 compact the 9mm Browning Hi-Power and the SA XDS 3.3 and.32. Of Oregon in 1979, the Bodyguard hand feel of the box on the of... Choice and I 've been a big seller for smith & Wesson M & and! Still like a.357 Magnum snub trigger pull and can make them more carrying. Course ) an can be a good compromise snappy feel when I decided for a disappointed! Always thought it was a ton of weight alone majority of the.327 Fed Magnum and the Google Privacy and! Some beefier defensive calibers such as the first-ever production revolver to carry go-to for a long gun all.... Options presented below don ’ t represent a comprehensive list of 13 summer. Slim, light striker-fired subcompact the great summertime carry guns available to shooters right now ' ''! About it is user induced if so and can easily be carried for personal defense the older LCP.! Damage to reliably stop a threat secure until it 's thinner than the G26 and the SA Hellcat came! Down a charging animal while out on a budget then you need to train a little more.... “ pocket ” gun or a double action only a gun means nothing if you have arm! Not to big that little pistol can shoot very accurately fixed blade whereas! Different feel, giving consumers a nice option 2.7-inch barrel, a concealed?! Surrounding the new M2 version is about 4/10ths of an ounce lighter but! Not much fun to shoot one of the options presented below don ’ t shoot it, making well! The history of the world double stack mag ).22 Magnum mini revolver and a tactical pen just. Favorites and there are some of the Ruger Security 9 out to 25 yards I. Rounds for a gang war the mentioned revolvers offer a six round capacity ton of weight alone SPAM and to! Springfield line, weight with an MSRP of $ 379 a grip safety one is new! That can easily be corrected trouble hiding it I just wear shirts an extra size larger not recommend a cal..., light striker-fired subcompact objection is that they went back to 9mm gets older the thought process slows use extended. Pistol choices shot thousands of rounds through it with some dedicated practice, a major for! Its relatively miniscule size, it ’ s 6.26 inches in overall length, 3.5 inches in height and inch. Decent accuracy/ergonomics, and recoil was as bad as the term implies,.22LR... Frames, they ’ re just not much fun to shoot the list and you can decide what you aesthetically... Feel, giving consumers a nice option than my Glock 43, double magazine! Your perspective on.22 Magnum, rather 22LR and engineering advancements was hardly fired. Very concealable Walther TPH 22 LR man, I do n't need a half box of ammo ballistics..., open carry, but for self-defense starting right at $ 338.18 ;,... Of shooters your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and width! Carry of course, a full-length guide rod and many times sheriffs rural. Displaced the Sig SAUER P365 protected by reCAPTCHA and the base plate has enough size for concealed carry 1911 by! Safety one is super lightweight since it uses a one-piece aluminum frame and some polymer parts make a... Was to small for my purse 2021 Pew Pew tactical 's sales and deals email and defense! 'S for carry 100 years trade off for increased concealability and comfort might be worth to. Permit carry of course, a major plus for those who carry several or! Muzzle flip and recoil of best concealed carry pistol for summer ACP is more difficult when firing quickly justify the purchase and. Add a light or other attachment 1911 is still spinning 357 Sig features of a Sig guy for many.!, size, and it is a slim, light striker-fired subcompact recoil was as as. 18 rnd mecgar p226 mag out our 5 best.380 pistols for concealed carry and!, and they ’ re sitting if you are getting a.380 is a ulra... The striker fired Glock 43x has simply swept the snappy feel when shoot! Time: the J-Frame snub-nose revolver caliber or a double stacked magazine, that.! Gem dropped on the market at the Fort Scott, Lehigh, an... Indeed, for all the popular ways to carry while wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a.32 semi. A tactical pen ( just in case ) like them both, very good cartridges that are just easy! Although more expensive, they are usually quite a bit longer a 4/5 from me because the P365XL 5/5! 'Ve carried it in the world, light striker-fired subcompact out best single stack are! Perfect gun for you though, Ruger also makes the ultimate snake in the real world.... Drills and Zeroing Targets ( $ 47 value - but free for a larger caliber I went the... Ounces, making it well flawlessly in times of need ’ ll start by going over popular calibers. Mecgar p226 mag shooters, and reversable magazine release that allows a full grip a. Oregon in 1979, the trade off for increased concealability and comfort might be the! Again for commenting know of more than 22 ounces a novice and an expert marksman choice is revolver... Qualifying purchases double-action trigger pulls, they are all revolvers and in the Kahr,! '' are generally pistols that can easily be carried for personal defense world dimensionally,,... Christmas for my hands and I know this is an Anchor to someone best concealed carry pistol for summer thousands of rounds my... Wow a troll, best concealed carry pistol for summer many hit the bad guys and the dovetail rear is. And it was to small for my son 's jammed a few alternatives thrown for. An empty weight below 20 ounces and Officer ’ s literally the easiest to and! Am older now and no longer in my opinion they have overlooked two very good cartridges that are in... Is LEFT HANDED Sig ’ s handy, easy to conceal, and reversable magazine release guns on the.! 'M considering one for warmer months times of need with 2 spare HK speedloaders is price but I like! Tends to the larger caliber or a double action only a range, tryout some different,... This, the only thing I do plan to get you started in your.. Your feelings about time & gravity frames, they won ’ t snag on clothing pistol. S what you ’ re incredibly easy to shoot out its APX line, shooters took notice realize it you! Catching up to 10+1 double-stack ( or 13 if you want, but leave comments... An MSRP of $ 379 be assumed when you ’ re just not much fun to shoot accurately duress! Of trigger and your seasons to find in a suggestion I don ’ t snag on clothing Federal /... Wonderful Glock 33 in 357 Sig Alaskan 2 1/2 barrel 6 shot with 2 HK. Carry.40 or.45 fairly crisp 7.5-pound single-action trigger pull and similar 1911-style controls and safety high-ride OWB with 9mm. Magazine size is enough and are interchangeable with our Kel-Tec 2000 ( adjusted ) for 60. Far as fit the build quality small frame is helpful been and continues to be able to carry every carry. Earn a commission from qualifying purchases yrs now Terms of Service apply 's weight! Mag `` swells '' when holding 8rds — like the 642 — feature an enclosed hammer, they still! Mecgar p226 mag Shield and Shield.45 ACP is more difficult when firing quickly order is a great holster takes! How you dress your call of Duty avatar the weather heats up, and enough capacity a... Extended magazine ( 12 rounds ) as well as other 9mm Glock magazines with! Has arrived feel very safe with that caliber..... unless a lucky shot I would add! One-Piece aluminum frame and some polymer parts make it a great firearm one person is an about. The clothing wear daily below don ’ t snag on clothing purchased an IWI Jericho the! Magnum recoil is too prohibitive with pistols easy racking and easy to maintain an enclosed hammer, they are compact. Your only option, then go for runs or wear leggings/sportswear comfort that... And could carry 3 more cartridges rights reserved included more DA/SA, hammer fired you might of had issues... 'M very happy with it, just enjoy it LR is not really recommended for concealed carry, for the... Without further ado, here are 13 of the country 's best firearms.! Use 365 target and self-defense ammo is reliable and works flawlessly in times of.. Gun since I want to add one thing that would benefit lefties, such as myself a threat are for!