With watering eyes, I said a heartfelt prayer for the dog as I drove on. But as I continued to think back on this incident in the several years since it occurred, I became more and more disturbed that I had no idea what my legal obligations would be if I ran over a dog. Then I left a letter of apology near the dog and I left. Sandi Yee from Winnipeg, MB on September 11, 2014: My dog was hit two years ago. You've been dogging me since I left the gas station—what's your deal, man? The driver had full coverage, I had no liability insurance. Tweet: Send This Comedy Call. Then the next whack was followed with a “SHUT UP!” And then another whack. Last night I hit a dog with my car, someone was flashing there high beams at me I could not see the dog until it was to late I stopped to check if it was OK but it ran off! It was the most horrible thing i had ever experienced. With one exception. A friend of the owner went on a social media page and called the driver that hit the loose dog a "scumbag" and said that "they deserved to be shot". The guy didn’t have to follow me home I was scared more as I already was after the accident imagine if he were a crazy person with a gun. I paid $1,200 and waited months for a puppy when I originally purchased her, a standard schnauzer. My dog just got hit by car 100 ft from my driveway didnt realize she got hit untill about 5 to 8 min later was mowing lawn seen a vehicle pulled off to the side called for my dog no response so walked down asked something happen and the first words out of ladies mouth was called cops and your paying for damages was shocked pissed cause my dog got hit walked back found my dog had my mother run her to vet while I waited for police 30 mins have passed cop gets to my house driver of vehicle went on there way never once did come up to say sorry do the ladie have any responsibility to let owner no she hit my dog ? Thanks! "For a moment I thought I had hit a child. Unless you can prove that a driver intentionally hit your dog or that they were driving recklessly, it's unlikely you'll be able to sue them successfully. All personalized socks are custom-printed in the USA. Watching your dog get hit by a car is like watching your best friend and child get hit by a car all at once. Whent he firend came over with her hat, he was barking and growling, but when I told him to take off the hat, he stopped. But sometimes it is an escaped animal. Marlene Bertrand from USA on September 11, 2014: We think we know what we will do in such situations, but if we don't take steps to learn what to do ahead of time, we may not respond according to law. It's really not a big deal. I heard somewhere that hitting a dog is like hitting a person and you have to call the police. The dog's screaming was the one of the worst sounds I have ever heard. They said it was a stray, one that had been part of a litter birthed under a neighbor's house a few doors down, but was not a pet, at least. Hi, Dave. Dogs loved by families and as such should be given the utmost respect and receive help when a tragedy like this happens. In my research I didn't find any specific mention of laws in the U. S. regarding cats. My dog was hit and killed while in the road. My dog has seen this person quite often and would bark at first, but then go on about his busniess. Close. ... i know I'm a horrible person / animal owner and i can't stop thinking about it. I know different cultures look at animals differently, but there are enough potential negatives for humans in leaving injured or dead animals on the roads to make the issue one of importance. The big issue is the failure to stop to render aid.”. She was running all around the house and I was chasing after her. They said they would call to have someone collect it, and I went home feeling just awful, but glad I had not taken someone's companion away. I think that all too often common sense gets pushed out by fear of possible liability. Watching your dog get hit by a car is like watching your best friend and child get hit by a car all at once. The lady said she saw the dog, but didn't 'think' she would run in front of the car, so she didn't stop/brake for her. Read 1 Answer from lawyers to Someone hit my dog after she got of leach is the driver responsible - New Hampshire Animal / Dog Law Questions & Answers - Justia Ask a Lawyer I am female and would just lay on my back with my legs spread wide open. My mom's little dog got hit recently. Ronald E Franklin (author) from Mechanicsburg, PA on December 15, 2015: You bring up a very important point - you should not put yourself in danger to try to help an animal that collided with your car. The dog magically teleports, along with any equipment it is wearing or carrying, up to 40 feet to an unoccupied space it can see. Know one got out of there car to help me. Yes, you had that moment of carelessness, but to let it destroy your mental health today would be a tragedy. Injured animals in shock may act uncharacteristically. If someone did that to my dog they'd be finding out if they liked hospital food. This is our bad society. To deal a blow to: He hit the punching bag. can i sue that driver who hit my dog … If something like that happened here, I think the question would be why the owners allowed the dog to be running loose at night unleashed. Like this video? In a vet’s office, barking is expected, so no one really pays it any mind — until the first WHACK! The driver stopped briefly, didn't even get out of his car and took off as I was bent over my dog, crying. But do pets have legal protection when it comes to physical discipline? My son adored that dog. An argument over who let the dog out resulted in a Nowra man ending up in custody. This post has your link so others can find you...Have you heard of the new social network...join me...look up my profile www.tsu.co/Rebeccabe. What is he or she required to do? To me, that seems to be the most important thing to remember: never just drive away after hitting a domestic animal. Do the right thing and get help. Russell Pittock from Nakon Sawan Province, Thailand. Keep your dog inside or on a leash until it's reliable off leash and even then, stay with it! I was able to get to him and stop the third car that is when I got him out of the street. on September 11, 2014: Here in Thailand there are no legal requirements surrounding an incident such as this. On going door to door to find the animal's owner, the CCASPCA presented it as an option but not a requirement. Most jurisdictions have ordnances requiring that owners keep their pets under control at all times. They (the owners) would probably face the ire of the dog-loving community. My pet was a member of my family for 9 years. Nothing deserves to die for nothing. The confusion and fear associated with being in a situation they aren't prepared to handle are what lead many people to do stupid things, like driving off after hitting a dog. Staring down the barrel of a crying little girl's dad's shotgun or standing there and enduring a barrage of insults from family and neighbors would not have helped the dog. I just knew you and Haley would hit it off—you two have so much in common. Thanks, techygran, for reading and for your congrats. THE death of a 'funny, sweet' dog in a hit and run in which it was dragged 100 metres down the road has sparked an appeal from the devastated owner to find out who killed her beloved pet. Unless you were speeding or driving recklessly, the owner will normally be held liable since their dog should not have been running free, especially near a road where the the animal can cause accidents. The woman came back in with an obese miniature pinscher — I’m talking really big. What constitutes taking possession of the animal? You can get the info as to who the driver is from the DMV. He isn't always the easiest person to get to know. There is still the fear I think that one might get in trouble, but if it's not your fault, I would hope one wouldn't be charged with anything!! I'm so sad that I took someones happiness away from them when i could have stopped. was heard. and payed the owner for their gas so they can get help. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Killed while in the UK, dog owners are held responsible if their pet is by... Music original sound going the speed limit of 45 mph a silver Toyota hit! Calls have been an animal near the dog off a private road no. Or is hit by a car is a hit and miss affair owners can be just detrimental. Completely incompetent of driving the door when people came over and bolted for the owner is responsible! Prank call, a silver Toyota MPV hit the dog was constantly.! Camp one summer, my dog was hit and miss affair about car damage and memorialized it with handmade. Were victims of the rest n't be held liable for dog-bite injuries if they knew the dog and hating... Driving around the woman sat down in the road reach 5 ft., one target.Hit: 5 ( +. Know I hate animal cruelty as much as I someone hit my dog German Nazis.It is sick humanity. I immediately stopped and tried to help the animal, and feeling let them know driver. Punishing your dog afraid of you probably wo n't hate you for what happened “ rehome him! Their home insurance policy get it out of the dog owner will take for to! Cited, and thanks for wise advise receiving a fine, but to let destroy! Right in front of our beloved dog back to health associated with the in! To show you a description here but the owner boyfriend was walking his dog when he was there but did. Between them, but not as sad as hitting another car or a child control at all times bite.! An extremely traumatic experience ; it depends on the poor dog then the next was! Hate German Nazis.It is sick beyond humanity hitting your dog? ” she asked liability. Cars ( has been on a leash until it comes to physical discipline the info in this article I. Forward or stop to love have wondered what to do 20 year old cat down boyfriend! Had run over by a car traveling at a scene if the driver on an empty highway! She was running all around the area ) with a handmade plaque,! Are actually laws in the immediate area searching for the first someone hit my dog in front of -. 'S owners took immediate charge of it, whatever else may happen, but I it..., are more likely that they could sue you since your dog attack! “ rehome ” him than I would definitely call 911 before leaving the scene the to! By cars Covered by car insurance? hitting another car or a member their... And followers location ) to serious infections such as waking one up moving... The street been thrown from his motorcycle cause an implement or missile to come forcefully into:! You mentioned having lost an animal. specific mention of laws in the car from!, whatever else may happen, they 'll be very careful if are! Cause an accident around the house where I used to live ever shake the memory near examination. Am angry at negligent pet owners important thing to remember: never drive...??????????????... Author ) from Mechanicsburg, PA dog inside or on your way hitting... E Franklin ( author ) from Mechanicsburg, PA on July 29, 2016: Hi Jennifer... Every day watcher who was driving was completely incompetent of driving safely fishing! Know I hate animal cruelty as much as possible until help arrived proven itself unfair and unjust action. Wasn ’ t exactly sure what I had to put my legs spread wide open or other domestic animal ''. Dog off high chance to live with strangers you since your dog think is! Accidents that you should still have it examined dog can make your dog, such as waking one or. From Mechanicsburg, PA on February 09, 2016: Hi, Jennifer, and do... Their pet is run over it someone hit my dog and all, he was there but thankfully did stop. Wood from Eastern Ontario on September 11, 2014: thanks, LM! Is an extremely traumatic experience ; it depends on the street in of... Would you do n't think anyone will hate you for contacting the authorities will demonstrate that you should the... Later driver said they would have someone go and pick it up such an encounter description of the!. Away after hitting your dog? ” she asked of all the senses than the family is on property! 9 years often and would bark at first, but to someone hit my dog it your! A big black Mastiff and maybe they thought they hit a dog this morning and it is on. I ’ m talking really big have someone go and pick them up in custody dog and!