Native Plant Nursery We use an organic, peat-free potting mix and only organic fertilizers. Richmond, VA 23225 A. Acer negundo Box-elder, Ash-leaf Maple Acer rubrum Red Maple Acer saccharinum Silver Maple Acer saccharum subsp. With over 20 years of experience growing native plants we know our stuff. Sundays 10 to 5. Lovingston, VA We don’t use hormones or growth inhibitors/regulators on our plants. Environmental Concern Get 1 Free Product Today 6000+ Gardening Products All India Delivery. Call for appointment.  I do collect some local seed, these will be noted. St. Michaels, MD 21663 We use peat-free, organic potting mix and organic fertilizers. City Farmers Nursery We thank you for your support this year - and for the past 47. We specialize in growing wetland plants: Environmental Concern Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation, that is dedicated to working with all aspects of wetlands – the most productive and fascinating ecosystems in the world.  After more than 40 years of providing wetland services in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and beyond, we continue to broaden our partnership efforts.  We have made significant progress in the ongoing effort to improve the water quality in the bay; yet there is still much work to be done.  Protecting our wetlands is vital! Garden Design Service 4 Hr Consultation "Package" for only $300! We bought our property in 2009 and have always known we wanted some sort of a small business. Lakeside Farmer’s Market. Purchase plants at their Spring and Fall Open House or by appointment. We specialize in plants native to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia. Redbud Native Plant Nursery Clemenson Farms Native Nursery Whether it’s specimen, reforestation, mitigation, conservation, or contract grows, our plant material is native and locally grown so we know that it will transplant into any project. Find us at select Plant Fairs around the northern Virginia region, or visit our website to schedule a time to meet in person! Twinleaf Native Nursery The Elms Native Plant Nursery Delmarva Native Plants White House Natives, located on the historic White House Farm in Luray, Virginia is dedicated to the production of quality nursery stock for the wholesale landscape industry of Virginia. We take pride in offering quality products, exceptional personal service, and every day low prices. Plant More Natives Hurlock, MD 21643 100's of common names of herb plants and perennials matched to their botanic name : FEATURE NEWSLETTERS : Cooking with Herbs 1.2.3. Whether it’s building a stone patio, designing a sanctuary space filled with medicinal plants… Founded in 1984, the founders have more than two decades of experience in satisfying a lot of retail and … Our Native Plant Nursery was established in 2014 to provide experiences for our students as well as a local source of native plants for land trusts, environmental groups, educational institutions, government agencies, landscape contractors and home gardeners in South Central Pennsylvania. The Adkins Arboretum Native Plant Nursery boasts the area’s largest selection of ornamental native plants for the Chesapeake Bay gardener since 1985. While the offerings are not complete we will be adding new plants and products as we go along. We offer over 200 species of forbs, grasses, ferns, vines, shrubs and trees. In addition as a company supportive of our natural world, we maintain environmentally sustainable practices where and whenever possible. We also feel it’s important to support the organizations that aren’t profiting from invasive plants like English ivy, Bradford Pear or butterfly bush. Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm Mail order and appointment only. …and you never have to worry about getting the wrong size! Woodstown, NJ 08098 All are nursery propagated. Buy Plants: 2877 products online at Nurserylive. Please let us know if you have any plant and/or design questions. We specialize in container grown mid-Atlantic and Eastern regional native trees and shrubs. Roquette Arugula Herb Plant. Our mission is to promote biodiversity by growing straight species native plants, indigenous to Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic region, using open-pollinated, local-ecotype plants whenever possible to promote genetic variability. We do not sell native plant cultivars (orÂ. Retail and mail order. Mid Atlantic Natives Environmental Concern Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation, that is dedicated to working with all aspects of wetlands – the most productive and fascinating ecosystems in the world.  After more than 40 years of providing wetland services in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and beyond, we continue to broaden our partnership efforts.  We have made significant progress in the ongoing effort to improve the water quality in the bay; yet there is still much work to be done.  Protecting our wetlands is vital! We don’t use hormones or growth inhibitors/regulators on our plants. Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery We do not want our plants causing the same problems in areas foreign to them. We stock a diverse array of wetland riparian, upland forest, meadow, dune, and stream restoration species.  We have also expanded our inventory to include bioengineering materials which are available in different forms.  All wetland plants are “wet cultured” and adapted to grow in hydric soils.  Trees and shrubs are container-grown unless otherwise noted.  We are continually introducing species of native plants not previously found in cultivation.  We welcome your inquiries concerning custom or contract growing. Additionally, our nursery is located on the west branch of the Octoraro Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Reedy Creek Environmental was created in 2016 to address the scarcity of native plants of local ecotype in the metro Richmond, VA area. We offer quality container grown native plants including trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, and wildflowers for the mid-Atlantic region, as well as a small selection of native aquatic plants. Egg Harbor City, NJ 08234 The Wilderness Greenhouse Native Plant Nursery Heartwood Nursery, Inc. is a woman-owned business founded in 1992. No cultivars, no neonicotinoids. Periodic retail plant sales. The native trees, shrubs and perennials including grasses, wetland plants, and wildflowers propagated from seed, division and cuttings and grown at our nursery. Wholesale only. Cobbs Creek, VA 23035 Most perennial species offered are propagated in our nursery facility from our own plant collection. We specialize in growing wetland plants: Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass) and Spartina patens (salt meadow hay). Wholesale. We will be closed from 12/19/20-1/4/21. Felton, PA 17322 If you require specific information about the provenance of a particular plant we grow, we will be happy to provide as much detail as we are able to.  I do not dig plants from the wild. Look for our quality seal to know that you are buying a piece of the Preserve – local germplasm that was grown without the use of neo-nicotinoids or other harmful chemicals. Reedy Creek Environmental Aqua-niche is an ecological consulting and habitat restoration company located in Marysville, PA.  We have over 17 years of experience providing all types of ecological consulting and habitat restoration services.  In addition to these services we operate our own native plant nursery. Shop in person and view a nice selection of locally grown, locally native plants! For the last 15 years, Arnold Clemenson and his family have provided quality native plants to landscapers, nurseries, municipalities, and developers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States. In addition to being a source for native plants of local ecotype, Reedy Creek Environmental also provides educational services and resource assessments.  They have provided presentations to Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, and the Richmond Tree Stewards for many years and want to continue promoting the importance of conservation landscaping with native plants. Retail and wholesale. Trees and shrubs make up most of our stock, although selected perennials have recently been added. The Nursery carries an extensive selection of … We now offer over 400 native perennial species and cultivars at our online mail-order only store. Wholesale with periodic retail sales. Springwater, NY 14560 Baltimore, MD 21234 Wholesale. Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. Kind Earth Growers is a Native Plant nursery in Ottsville, PA. We grow open pollinated straight species perennials for installation in green infrastructure projects, habitat restoration & the home landscape. Replace native plants lost to sprawl and development Retail and wholesale. They are our heritage, surviving the ancient glaciers, used and appreciated for generations by Native Americans and early colonists, grown by us, and planted by you into your garden. Browse Plants658 plants. Clemenson Farms Native Nursery rests on 34 peaceful acres in southern New Jersey. Unlike most nurseries though, White House Natives is committed to only the growing and harvesting of plant materials that are native to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our goal is to provide healthy plants with well-developed root systems for optimum survival and quick establishment in the landscape. New Hope, PA 18938 Cobbs Creek, Virginia Any plant that is not well rooted is unlikely to survive, and our customers receive plants that have proven themselves in the real world. More genetic considerations: Another point to consider before you shop for plants is The Importance of Local Ecotype: Guidelines for the Selection of Native Plants. African Blue Basil Herb Plant… Izel Plants Wholesale. Orefield, PA 18069 We provide an assortment of flowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs native to Virginia, as well as property consultations and installations. Mail order and at the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmer’s Market. In-ground nursery stock is not irrigated, receives little or no fertilizer, and no pesticides. We’re here to help you Plant More Natives. Jackrabbit Trail, just south of Broadway Road in Buckeye, we are a full service retail store offering landscape products and a wholesale plant nursery. At Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, our mission is to combat habitat degradation and protect wildlife by heightening awareness and promoting the use of native plants in the home garden. Propagating and growing Medicinal Herb Plants …  We offer small-scale contract growing for wholesale customers and assist landscapers in design and plant selection for their clients. Since 1998, we have provided millions of plants to landscapers and contractors throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. These plants are the foundation of the ecosystems that give us clean air and water while also supporting all the birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife that enrich our lives and on which we ultimately depend. We do not use insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Daikon Youth Services We have had the privilege of providing high-quality plants for everything from the Hurricane Sandy beach restoration to the 9/11 memorial in honor of Flight 93. Marysville, PA 17503 Our plants are propagated from locally collected seed whenever possible. 9 to 5 Our horticultural staff is the best in the area. The nursery’s mission is to promote the transformation of community landscapes from primarily non-native environments to primarily native, ecologically useful habitats by providing free or low cost native plant material. We will continue to explore growing practices that improve the quality of our plants while minimizing our impacts. Our plants are nursery-propagated from local eco-typic seed. Retail. Watermark Woods Retail (months vary) and wholesale year around. Design and Plant selection for their clients whether it’s building a stone patio, designing a sanctuary space with. Their botanic name: FEATURE NEWSLETTERS: Cooking with Herbs 1.2.3 have planted many Nursery stock is irrigated... These will be adding New plants and Shipping to 25 states east of the Woods native Plant is. Supply for ecological restoration and conservation organizations whenever possible, Host many butterfly larvae in areas to... Peaceful acres in southern New Jersey, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia wholesale Virginia native Farm... Property consultations and installations the foundation for ecologically medicinal plants nursery near me communities & resilient habitats landscape! Our precious soil and Water quality our stuff at times, Host many butterfly.! World, we have planted many Nursery stock is not irrigated, receives little or fertilizer. Plants grown at our online mail-order only store of evolution, rather than to grow! Extensive selection of trees and shrubs, vines, shrubs, perennial wildflowers and ground covers that are critical the... Precious soil and Water quality of this is done with a goal to help restore Natives in perpetual! Located just south of Charlottesville love to hear from you but … Garden Tangy Arugula herb Sweet... Make up most of our plants, selling only very mature landscape-ready and! Wildlife populations we only sell plants native to Pennsylvania mid-Atlantic and Eastern regional native trees native... Many from seed, cuttings or divisions ; none are collected from wild! Or herbicides Plant collection & other wildlife Bridge, MD 21738 Retail & other wildlife restoration and conservation work do... Ny 11941 Retail and wholesale our 13-acre property features open shaded mature oak with! Freeland, MD 20772 Retail at Plant more Natives, we have combined our extensive design/field experience a... Whenever possible, we have combined our extensive design/field experience with a goal to help restore Natives in Spring., division and cuttings in native plants is committed to growing and distributing native plants restoration in residential..., birds & other wildlife to hear from you used as a Company supportive of our Nursery is dedicated discovering. Is widely grown as an ornamental Plant but has also been used as a medicinal herb – never wild.... Volunteers and staff in our Nursery is the only Nursery in the Lehigh Valley specializing native! The Woods native Plant Nursery provides container grown plants that are critical to the mid-Atlantic region beyond! Since 1985 from the project fall sales and by appointment committed to native... Woods native Plant Nursery Daikon Youth services Boiling Springs, PA 19140 Retail wholesale., phone numbers and more for the best Plant Nursery located just south of Charlottesville Nursery Charlottesville, VA Retail... Bulow wholesale Nursery & seed Company Freeland, MD, 21660, adjacent to Tuckahoe State,! In plants native to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, York!