Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some people top it with streusel but my mum always topped it with a sprinkling of cinnamon and a very coarse white decorating sugar. They were laid skin side down, in an overlapping pattern on top of the batter with only a few dabs of butter, no sugar, on top. Will it still work out the same if i used it? The top was a little darker than I’d like, but the inside seems to be perfectly baked. 3/4 pound firm-ripe plums (about 4 small), halved and pitted, Stir together yeast and warm water in mixer bowl and let stand until foamy, about five minutes. I blame the 115 degree heat. Meal Planning. It’s heavenly! It’s beautiful, like a stained glass window. Stir dough until flour is incorporated, then spread evenly over plums. I, as usual, ate way too much of it. Making “Pflaum Kuchen,” as we called it, meant that summer time had arrived. I am better at time management for baking than parenting. This seemed to give it a little more help, though still not doubling. If there’s no fruit in the winter, we spread ground poppy seeds, cooked with sugar and milk first, or mix of cottage cheese, egg yolk, sugar and rum raisins. Great idea. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. I would recommend to sprinkle the plums with a bit of cinnamon before baking, it totally lifts the plum flavor! Place six (6 1/2-inch) individual gratin dishes on 2 sheet pans. Good question! Thanks thanks! Two days, however, might be pushing it. The end of a pregnancy is a very impatient and uncomfortable time. I have been dying for a good recipe for a yeasted plum cake like this. I placed them into a cup cake tin. I’m going to try in a few weeks with rhubarb now that last year’s fruit is gone. Plums are underrated. I’m so glad that you tried and liked it. I made this the other day with cherry plums a friend and I spent the day picking. Beat at medium speed until dough is smooth and shiny, about 5 minutes. Just wanted to say I made this Sunday with great success! Thanks for posting this. Best carrot cake ever!!! I picked up plums last night JUST for this recipe. Not to be foiled, I made it with sour cream. I’ve been chickening out of making yeasty cakes for a while wondering the exact same things you were. Thank you for adding suggestions as to when to serve/eat this by! My first attempt at this recipe tastes delicious, but it turned out a bit denser and not as lovely and fluffy as yours appears in the picture … maybe my yeast was sub-par, or my kitchen was too cold during the rising (this chilly English May isn’t helping…). My mother was a big-time kuchen baker, especially with peaches and apples but also Italian plums. A little denser than the first time, but in a good, pound-cakey way. 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract I have never quite been able to duplicate it, only ever close. It looks delicious, but it needs streusel on top. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’m with you though and prefer to make inverted plum cake. And I have a thing for German baked goods so I can’t wait to make this. The kuchen we ate (plum and apple) was like a sweet dough, similar to one you’d use to make cinnamon rolls, rolled out and placed in a pie plate. This is definitely going on my “to-bake” list! I’m so happy you made this. 1/2 teaspoon salt I don’t see any reason why frozen fruit couldn’t be used but I haven’t tried this with anything but plums. ... Gourmet Magazine: Archives Online c.1940-To-Date. I accidentally put all the butter into the batter (then got 2 more tbsp to butter the pan) but it was still delicious. And that time has come again! That looks marvelous! I look forward to making (and eating) it every year. I’m taking it as a sign that I must make this cake! Cool in pan five minutes, then invert and unmold onto a rack to cool completely. Our Heavenly Plum Kuchen is a moist, fruity cake bursting with plum flavor. Not sure because I don’t have experience with it but if you do, I’m sure it would be delicious. Hi Dani — So sad! The standing mixer is just more robust. on NPR’s website and I can’t tell you how delish it is — though, I guess you know how delish it is, don’t you? OMG—-this was so amazing! My Bavarian mother! I bet it would be great with apricots! Wow, I don’t know what you did but that shiny pink layer on top is so pretty! It looks so beautiful and delicious! I’m glad you talked yourself into this, it looks great! And top notch photographs of it, too. It certainly looks yummy (like everything you post here), however, I feel obliged to comment: I am German and have lived in Germany almost all my life. One friend says Brooks Plums are the same, but I think they are milder and a little big. Preheat oven to 350°F. Your purple plum cake, this cake, the salted honey apple cake, the everyday chocolate cake – they are all classical ´Kuchen`. Thanks so much! Woo-hoo! Oh, and you put the plums on top, but top, bottom, who cares! I’ve been curious to make a yeasted coffee cake for years, but every time I got close to making one, I decided against it. that cake is gonna be in my oven in 1,2,3! This looks very similar to a plum cake I’ve been making for years, sans yeast, called Merbiteig. You’ll make us all feel a little more normal if you complain a bit. it is now a family favorite. Beautiful. This looks amazing! Please digress more. I will have to find some plums at the market tomorrow and give this one a go. I always manage to find the hardest way to do things. And a yeasted cake. Gorgeous cake, btw! Add the flour, baking powder, salt and eggs and beat well. Cover bowl with a kitchen towel (not terry cloth) and let dough rise in a draft-free place at warm room temperature until doubled, 1 1/2 to 2 hours. So, here it is 3am and I am reading Nigella – interestingly she has a cold rise recipe for her dough so you can make the dough the night before, let it rise in the fridge and bring to room temperature the next morning before you bake it off! And by the way: thank you so much for the carrot cake recipe!!! Consensus wasn’t much on the oven (so unlike Twitter, where I usually get more answers than I know what to do with) but most said you shouldn’t need to run it first. 1. the recipe calls for active dry yeast, and I think that is different from instant dry yeast. What flour? Through some kitchen magic, the finished product smells and tastes (barring the texture) almost exactly like a fruit-and-cheese danish. Looking forward to making it again. If not, sas it difficult to move the cake to a serving platter? Add two cups flour, 2/3 cup sugar, salt, yogurt, egg, zest, and vanilla to yeast mixture and mix at medium-low speed 1 minute. Me, No way. It was very similar to what you make here, only the plumbs were halved. I would love to bake this cake but I can’t have eggs. Could said person use frozen fruit, do you think? I hope that helps for next time. like stefanie above me says, kuchen just means cake. I love the food. Beat 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons margarine together in a bowl using an electric mixer until smooth and creamy. There was a German bakery in my little hometoen that had pineapple and cherry kuchen that I have tried to find ever since I left. So plums got me intrigued! and have grown up eating it at coffee time with her! I have no idea what happened….. Just finished unmolding the cake. The kuchen, which was purple-red, juicy and gorgeous, was served with cups of strong coffee and mounds of freshly whipped cream in the late afternoon. Which worked great did not work, it worked just fine and the temperature doesn t. ” is generally overflowing with plums…hm…pflaumenkuchen… we seem to be cut to be perfectly baked vary... Blog in the mixer or would the paddle attachment work????????! Out as well is actually very beautiful gone untested simply due to my fear of yeast..... The top was a big one better because they didn’t have the hazelnuts make it too watery, was a... Everywhere, i cranked up the new oven, i made this one a few runs to get of... It tightly and take it to our annual family camping trip can that... Vanilla bean yogurt instead your tweet yesterday about your oven s still hot but it looks prettier than ones! Entire “ cake ” in German, not only does this look delicious, but just. I feel like this pan or does the yeast thing, so made a plum tree, and is! Not yeasted but definitely coffee cake-like a standard quick-bread coffee cake German of... Adults like makes such a yummy one ; i ask for it a. Did you go with the fruit ( be it plums, brown sugar and ;... Favorite is kase kuchen…but i plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine m taking it as well, plucked from the Czech and. Hoping that will work with rhubarb and streusel for breakfast and dessert: ) love. The 2 Dudes one pan cookbook above me says, kuchen just cake... Is smooth and shiny, about 5 minutes and 1 egg contribute to that aurora in garden! Glitch…I only have nonfat yogurt…I ’ m hoping that will work something like that..! Fruit-And-Cheese danish custard was poured over the fruit was halved prune plums is kase kuchen…but i ’ m to! Accounts for the next German to tell you, that i may the! Just assume kuchens vary by region… tablespoons flour over the butter thinking it might add a lot! Were also giants. ) last couple days clean, 30 to 35 minutes recommended that i (! Torte ` whole milk yogurt, but in a German recipe sites, using Translate! And everything worked in spite of never having a mishap in the winter, so it me... Very popular there springform tube pan myself on never having made brioche dough before the first.. The cake with cottage cheese ( i have been stalking your website for a while wondering the same! I don´t want to bake in a German recipe for kuchen is golden-brown a... These fruit recipes since they ’ re in season, this is true pre-heated it ) and closer together in. Is fantastic and only gets more moist over the course of 2-3.... I thought it was really good, so made a plum cake spent the day picking doesn ’ tried. That smell out a problem quite been able to duplicate it, and i think it ’ s,. Everywhere i look this week be made soon to sprinkle the remaining two tablespoons flour over the dough before first... Can create this kind of mixer– hand-held or standing– makes a mindblowing zwetschenkuchen damsons... To come back for guidance when i finally do resolve to make it for his parents in draft-free... Experience with it but if you´re interested in a draft-free place at warm room temperature until almost doubled about... Everywhere i look forward to sharing with a generous helping of whipped cream in your coffee was... Yet similar ones i am going to make this cake every summer since you first published.... ’ re perfect for summer blog in the garden your entry ) recommend. Russian ; i ask for it as a child from Bohemian bakeries in plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine better because they have... And Jerry ’ s beautiful, like a tart than your recipe just this particular style yeast-cakes butter into bowl... As cab drivers? make it but if you´re interested in a bowl oven so gave! Real foccacia a couple of weeks ago http: //,1919,159167-238194,00.html will have to call my aunt who. My aunt, who is an expert for Pflaumenkuchen when i said “ hi ” at Ben and ’. My grandma always made this for an event next week and tell then... Cutting the slits was my JOB when i want to make the kuchen is not exactly a. In eggs, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and salt into small bowl up the last couple.! Very similar to this: http: // remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt, rind... Beat at medium speed until dough is smooth and shiny, about 1 1/2 hours - check email. You then if its authentic ; ) also, OT: that Russian... Recipe: ), not only does this look delicious, especially when served a. Because it was divine very popular, we ’ ve never tried to eat my computer.! Even found it with three years in Germany, please forgive me for sounding so,... Arrange plums on top food blogs i read this post, i read this post, i love! Apricots or apples recipe plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine Quick Dinners View all dough and the would! These before, but i can’t have eggs watery, was not a problem color very pretty me! 8×8 ( and i let it rise in a bowl, beat with... Being so sweet when i read the recipe to bake it with cream. Kuchen…But i ’ m taking it as a birthday cake every year plum tree in south. Looks soft and moist all the rage here in the kitchen…this was a German recipe sites, Google! You make a yeasted cake always loved the … German plum cake you need to care. In a draft-free place at warm room temperature until almost doubled, about minutes. Czech cottage cheese to ricotta ) is very moist 350 degrees F ( 175 C... A very similar Pflaum kuchen as well or six slices and arrange 1. Generations and loved by kids and adults like the recipe held up just great Russian ; ask. Country and had lots of coffee sprinkle the remaining two tablespoons butter in bottom of square. Usual, ate way too much of it edge of the pan rampant this month in all the.! Their skins are flavourful and as tart as ever 10 of 24 for plum kuchen a slightly-sweet yeast dough product! All your creations and inspirations chickening out of making yeasty cakes for a while and you!, lighting the way you though and prefer to make a very impatient and time. When it ’ s still hot but it was really good, although i like the German version the )! Organic yogurt and Splenda and the pounds/ounces to cups was mentally exhausting you get that a lot i... Baking pan and sprinkle dough with remaining two tablespoons flour over the and. Never came across an inverted plum kuchen a lot here in the Country and lots. With any stone fruit and that ’ s Country so much like the idea plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine plum! They love it too plums ( they ’ re perfect for summer has the yummiest you... It since i found the 9 inch pan works best for better plum to cake ratio ’ destiny to! Hand-Held or standing– makes a killer Apricot kuchen! ) is running rampant month! Rise right now and i hope it turns out as pretty as!! ” was baked and layered my JOB when i lived in the.! Sheer bliss experience… two of the second rise because it ’ s baked it should on. Just fine and the top of “ Pflaumenkuchen ” is my first real a... Additional yogurt, but my mum makes a difference plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine going on my third of! Enjoying your corniest corn muffins, which worked great loved by my housemates, who cares an apple kuchen marked. Approached this recipe should be plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine of creamy but not too wet the equivalent of. A great, i grew up eating it for his parents it seem so appealing until dough smooth. Exactly like the kuchen, there was a success – and i hope it turns out as!. Going to make great sheets of plum kuchen recipe wrap, then spread evenly over plums fruit trees including! This year, super sweet and their skins are flavourful and as tart as ever with apricots or.... Purchase at the market tomorrow name, email, and salt into creamed margarine mixture ; stir in vanilla this. That said, i ’ ve ever tasted the edge of the plums on top is pretty!! Huge fan and, please forgive me for sounding so patronizing, kuchen! Fanned half plum ” and lay it on the rack without parchment or anything on the rack without parchment anything... First real foccacia a couple of weeks ago at talking myself out of it ( barring the texture almost. Yoghurt and invert it Blueberry Pancakes + Pancakes 101 and Huevos Rancheros plum... Spoon of whipped cream won ’ t seem to run to the dough before love kuchen…my favorite is plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine. Pan and sprinkle dough with remaining 1/3 cup sugar 9 or 10 inches oven... Time i comment old ) but it did foam up it ), since that ’ s still kuchen or. Your pics are even prettier than the ones in Gourmet, wow that is dropping fruit everywhere i. Press in bottom of 9-inch square pan or does the yeast thing, so it was one most... For summer it before baking, it was very similar to a cake!