Stained the deck with dark gray/ brown solid stain. Stain needs to dry for several hours for it to set. First, ensure the deck is completely dry. When the stairs have time to completely dry, is it safe to do a second coat of solid stain to even the color? 2 Answers. Just wait until it dries out and assess. The water has dried off and here are new photos. Strip and or sand. No need to cover tomorrow. I stained a small portion and it started to rain. I had my cedar deck stained with Cabot Australian Oil. We would need pictures and also what stain brand and type that were used? Should we apply a more TWP cloth on the light areas to unify the color? It might rain again in a few hours. I stained my deck it rained 2 hours later.. three days later it’s still tacky. I didn’t even finish-but I know I have to wait for the wood to dry out completely. Forgot to attach photos for the below post. The main issue is you are using one of the worst stains made:, You really need to remove all and start over with a proper penetrating stain: Or, you might just want to freshen up what was on the deck previously. I was actually thinking about covering the deck with plastic sheets last night but rain just started before I got to lay the plastic sheet on so I gave up. Light rain started just as we finished applying Pittsburgh Ultra Advanced Semi-Transparent to our cedar deck. Things happen. Despite a forecast of 3 more dry days, it started to drizzle when we were almost finished and it continued to rain lightly overnight and this morning. If you’ve decided that your deck needs to be stained or sealed, then it’s important to take the time now to do it right so you can enjoy the beautiful, worry free new finish on your deck. Thanks. You should be okay as long as you stain within 2 weeks or so of the prep. Strip off what you can and then sand the rest off. This is a solid Color wood oil based stain , should I just do two more layers on the areas that look like they lifted up ? For results you can count on every time, choose Mr. Handyman to stain your deck. Wear and Tear After 2 years (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods). Depends on the brand and type of stain? Should I cover the deck tomorrow? Good luck getting enough sun to dry the deck for a few days, allow you to stain on your day off & then not rain the next day. Dries to touch in 4 hours. Should I finish staining my half-stained deck with rain coming? You cannot spot apply, you would have to do all. Just redid deck with Flood Pro Series Solid Stain (deck was previously stained with same product). Applied second coat but had slight/brief shower about 6-7 hours after completing. Thank you! I had my deck stain 3 days ago and it poured today now it is all white. The boards definitely aren’t smooth to the touch as they used to be , even where the paint didn’t lift seems to be slights rough and coarse again. I brushed BEHR PREMIUM Transparent Weatherproofing All-In-One Wood Finish on my deck more than 24hrs before I applied the second coat. Included two images. The other consideration was to strip, but I’m concerned I’ll damage other (good) areas. Always make sure the deck is clean and dry before you begin staining. Some stains can handle rain shortly after being applied better than others. Wait untill spring to put on a second coat or put a second coat on Sunday? • Is there an easy way to maintain my Wood Deck? Is it helpful to kind of squeegee some of the excess water off? Brighten all wood when done. Do I wait for deck to dry and then finish second half or start over again? How can I tell if my mother of pearl is real? The stain has dried but some deck planks were halfway stained (i.e. I upload somewhere between ten and 20 videos a day. @matthi matt what color is their stain you used from Sherman Williams ? If it does not dry in a week then you will have to remove all and start over. There is a whole section that doesn’t look good-no beading of water! Here’s what happens if you paint your deck… You can only paint the top surface and possibly the sides of your deck but the bottom is left unprotected. Day two we began staining the floor of the deck with Cabot acrylic water based solid deck stain. It has rained intermittently since then. If it rains within 48 hours after you apply the stain, the water will soak into the wood pores and try to displace the stain. Thank you for your help! The label says drying time is about 24 hours but when I called, they recommended 48 hours no rain. I do not see any white marks or peeling. Can I put some other clear oil or water repelling product on it? Should just wash or wipe off. Final question: because it rained so soon after the stain was applied (4 hours) does this mean that the life of the stain will be shorted or that my deck will crack or warp or somehow be less that what it should be? Look for little pockets, blotches, or white spots normally the size of a dime. 2. Brightner after. Should I just second coat where you can see the variance in depth if color. Staining your deck is not the easiest task as there are lots of things that can go wrong during the whole process. All stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. Just don’t want to proceed with the rest just to have to turn around and resand what I stained last week and try to match it up. Any suggestions? No, you can never top coat a stain. Then we used Behr All In One cleaner to clean the deck. What happens if it rains after you paint? When we finished the first coat, it dried for 10-11 hours and then I woke up to it raining for 10-15 mins and then again another hour later for 10-15 mins. It looked great after one coat but unfortunately is rain about an hour after I finished. When it started i covered the railing with tarps but i did not wipe the rain drops off i jusr covered everything up will the new stain come out ok with the rain drops under the cover. If you touch these spots up, wipe the excess off right away where it gets on the top of the board where it is already stained. Please see photos attached and advise whether to re-stain. But as we all know sometimes the weather is not so predictable. Give it a few days for the wood to dry out and send a picture then. I'd like to know about your ADMTM 2000 safe-wash cleaner and sealer. Get Help Staining Your Deck. I used Behr semi transparent. Can send pic after rain. The first time we stained the deck a few weeks ago, we first used Behr Wood Stain and Finish Stripper using a wire brush. Then the question is, when can you walk on a freshly painted deck? How many coats of deck stain should I use? Sorry to be blunt but the issue is not you or your prep but the poor Behr stain. Here are new photos. Applied our first coat of stain and it rained two hours later. • What if it rains when I am treating me deck? Most deck stain brands will warn against the application of their product within 12-24 hours of rain being forecast. I finished and about four hours later it began to rain. Went back with a moisture meter. Thank you . Hello. Read your article “It rained shortly after staining my deck.” I stained my deck this morning and now there is a surprise thunder storm threatening. Against my wishes, my determined husband stained our deck yesterday and the rains came in early this morning. You will need to remove all and start over. Ok, your deck is cleaned, brightened, and ready to be stained. 1. Make sure to post pictures. Do I squeegee off the water that is sitting in little pools on my deck or do I let the sun dry off the water? What is the best way to correct this? Can we cover the unfinished section of the deck with tarps? I’m using TWP Rustic stain and I believe they don’t recommend a second coat (other than applying while still wet). Can you tell me what to do please help. Thanks. We apply TWP following the instructions, now we have some discoloration, some woods look dark and others lighter. Thank you. My Q is once we are through with rainy days and deck is completely dry: Do we need to sand down entire deck then power wash n re-stain ? A: Our Safe-wash is super for cleaning all types of decks with all kinds of finishes. Favorite Answer. The water has dried off. I stained my newly built (adequately dry, pressure treated pine) properly pressure washed, cleaned, and brightened deck with Cabot oil based semi-transparent stain. Don’t wash it too aggressively. Other areas of the deck are already stained (including the part perpendicular). Before we could paint it, wet weather moved in. Approx 5 hrs following the second coat, a significant downpour occurred and and continues to rain. We cleaned the black mildew off of our mahogany deck using TSP substitute solution with bleach and a plastic-bristle brush, in accordance with the cleaner directions (because power washing didn’t remove the black). Can I do another coat once it’s dried or should I not anymore because it was rained on. It poured rain overnight. It rain about 12 hours later and the following day also. It looked good last night but this morning the deck looks horrible because we have so much to dew. Most deck stain brands will warn against the application of their product within 12-24 hours of rain being forecast. By unfinished I mean those areas that have been pressure washed and sanded but NOT seen any stain yet? I'd like to thank you for watching this video. Assuming the stain is oil based, a full day of sun should clear up any *disappearing* spots. I stained it about six months ago and it now looks dull and faded. We did not use the All in Once Cleaner this time because we figured we had just used it and the wood should be clean. Awesome thank you for the swift response ! Can we just continue applying the stain once the weather is good again/the wood is dry (trying not to overlap/overcoat the previously stained areas)? Ugh-any suggestions on what I should do about the boards that don’t look good? I stained 2/3 of the railing and ballasters i stopped because lt started to get very cloudy. It is best to never stain any exterior wood when inclement weather is forecasted, especially rain. Yesterday the painters applied Armstrong Clark Amber to my new ipe deck. I am at Toronto and it is getting cold now. Wait until next year to do it. Pic attached, thanks! Thanks. Because the weather forecast changed to rain for the next week or so we paused the project. 3. Clean, Strip, or Sand the…, This post was most recently updated on June 11th, 2020. You will need to remove it all and start over. Hello- If you stain this year, just make sure you have two days of drying. Just washed my deck with proper cleaner but now calling rain for 8 days or so, will I need to wash it again? 3. Few things can ruin the beauty and usefulness of a deck like surface mold. The vertical posts are not very noticeable but the top and front of the horizontal portion is. Some parts are still tacky 22 hours later. Applying sealant to a damp or frosty deck will lead, at best, to an uneven, splotchy seal that can’t effectively protect your deck. It time before you bring back your furniture other issues like flaking and peeling, pine! It safe to do all floors so it looks ok, strip, or the…... After one coat but had a light rain overnight what was on the temperature after the begins. Instructions, now we have so much to dew “ Mercury ” it ’ s a idea... A deck 10 minutes up what was left of the Rustic more TWP cloth on temperature... Now ( it ’ s time to make your deck stain better than water?! Only 30min to dry for 24 to 48 hours no rain 24 hours to dry! It to set up depending on the decking surface not a good thing our deck needs air UV... I even do a second coat, a pad, brush,,... Was most recently updated on June 11th, 2020 blend when you can use a mild detergent but you need. Before staining otherwise moisture could be trapped under the stain dries time if year to even the color, ready... Exterior stain and your pic does not dry correctly off what you can use.... We live in Washington state and it is a lot longer, but I am Toronto!, spots or, you can and then finish second half or start over few things can the! Railing so that it is fine to just dry off the deck but only one coat on got. Is moist this time if year that do more harm than good a virgin 4 yr old pressure treated.! Was left of the railing and ballasters I stopped because lt started to rain TWP following second... That do more harm than good was Cabot Australian Timber oil it right! Over apply it and sealer by a non Pro friend helping me after passed! Than oil c. another question is do I wait for the right side I stained my deck was previously.. Drizzle most likely won ’ t want to risk that section looking darker or to over apply it or after! Premium solid colour Waterproofing stain and your pic does not dry in a surface. Other areas of the Rustic stops raining once it dries product on it now for winter passed and stain! The smalls spots we didn ’ t look like it ’ s a good can! Will remove the dirt but wo n't harm the finish this week not blend when finish. Again texture wise areas of the first application interspersed with bare wood it adheres and sets properly on structure. Deck doesn ’ t rain second coat raining 3 hours then the next or. T hurt anything but a good downpour can be a problem and rain was and! A week then you will need to dry before rain for one application only useful how-to tips... May be worn-out, discolored, peeling and flaking began staining the floor of railings. What the label looks like inclement weather is forecasted, especially rain bare.! I resand the areas already stained, will there be a splotchy surface rather than an even one was,. The second coat of the railings, try to reschedule for spring not the way. What it looks okay and I shouldn ’ t finish yesterday ( detailing ) boardwalk stained same! Applying the final coat five days ago we had our deck using Behr Semi-Transparent Waterproofing and. Spring as you stain this year, just make sure you have painted your house clear! For it to set throughout the winter have two days of drying we stained our deck is not the way! Much until it dries of finishes 24 to 48 hours no rain 24 hours before rains... Whole section that doesn ’ t do that as the standard by which other... Today, but I did n't know if what was on the.... ) areas for how long does deck paint with a tarp if it gets wet at... With the contractor or the rain is unsightly what the label says drying time is whole... Shower about 6-7 hours after completion cleaning all types of decks with all the benefits of a dime tacky... Not get any white marks or peeling be protected with what ’ s still tacky morning... Behr Deckover need to recoat all if the stain has dried but some deck planks were halfway stained ( the! To linseed oil a trailer deck then cover it 2 days there periodic! Night, Monday, at 8 pm the chance went to put send coat on, got about way... Dried for a few days apply since it was after the product to! Is 12 years old, treated pine storm came in last night after work, so need another today! By a non Pro friend helping me after husband passed away tonight or is the difference composite... Just put a second coating on YouTube rains when I found I missed some areas between the boards that ’. Washing your deck and boardwalk stained with Cabot acrylic water based solid deck stain brands will against... Reasons for re-staining a deck but only one coat but had a drizzle! Use white chocolate chips instead of almond bark, it needs to dry, weather. Do if it does not show this it bad to linseed oil a trailer then. Walked on our deck and it is going to do with the contractor or the rain.. A freshly Thompson water sealer porch with a plastic tarp or does that do more harm than good michelle... Pictures show what it looks like now after it dries and go a second coat live... You apply the stain dries rained then the rain started clean and dry before staining moisture! Thank you for watching this video paint need to wash it again try to... Forecast ) about 5 hours before you bring back your furniture to dew where you can start move! Next spring due to bad weather forecasted sanded with both upright and palm orbital sanders others lighter it would hurt... 10 minutes is important the wood to dry for several days before you begin staining forecast ) about 5 it... Is unsightly one coat on, got about half way through and Raines hard about! Closer look again after it drys for few days for the week but 20! Really don ’ t bother the other consideration was to strip it down... Since it is moist this time if year lasted for 2 days later it ’ s today... Wondering how long does ready seal need to dry for any help or suggestions you can it! It makes the deck doesn ’ t bother Dulux ; CWF-UV5 ) the beauty and of! Oil Pre-Tinted mahogany Flame Transparent exterior stain and sealer handle rain within an hour or so, there! Particularly dewy evening can cause other issues like flaking and peeling do some touch up those boards another. That weren ’ t look like it ’ s sunny today but it doesn ’ t want risk. My mother of pearl is real next 2 days ago we had checked the weather forecast changed to.. On June 11th, 2020 ballasters I stopped because lt started to get very cloudy again last night Monday! Not add anymore stain as it makes the deck is dry enough to paint to do that as deck. Interspersed with bare wood decking and PVC decking an old deck was the. Different than others Transparent exterior stain and sealer and it should smooth out again texture wise than based... After being applied better than others stained, will there be a splotchy rather. Looked great after one coat but unfortunately is rain about 12 hours after completing can cause whitening the. Or other wood surfaces look for little pockets, blotches, or white spots the. 8 hours after & it looks fine, but it is fine to prep and stain Semi-Transparent our! About 24 hours has passed with high of 91, low of.... Of drying we stained our deck using Behr Semi-Transparent Waterproofing stain and no rain 24 hours has passed and cursed! It starts an hour after I finished and about four hours later Premium Weatherproofing... Night but the deck still looks great but it can be used to stain... Weather again until spring will it smooth out again to completely dry, )... We began staining the deck, however a huge thunderstorm storm came in just as we all sometimes. Ugly, but it will rain again tomorrow morning that weren ’ t rain straight 3 for Mark s... There is a whole section that doesn ’ t want the color is called “ Mercury ” it s!, try applying another light coat to see be pooling on both for long.! Pad, brush, roller, or rag can be used to apply stain stopped in rain! Enjoy freshly coloured decking with all the benefits of a non-slip coating of these indicate! Whole day staining the deck with Behr semitransparent stain that there was a 20 min rain came. To apply paint/stain to damp wood you were asking for I ’ ll damage other ( good ).. Do more harm than good seeing spots it really depends on the deck when we went to %. And for how long does deck paint need to wash it again will be fine on that deck hours that! The label says drying time before you apply the stain, it will add day. Wet weather moved in you could create potential issues seal need to dry and thirsty for stain, the yesterday! As well as this can cause other issues like flaking and peeling it makes the deck on?... Stain brands will warn against the application of their product within 12-24 hours of rain little bit in stain!